Winterhaven Rides and Reds Saddle Mules

Contact us at 520-825-0208

​Can't get through on the phone?  As the festival gets underway, our phones get very busy.  We recommend calling early in the season to reserve.  Please be patient and keep on trying.  You may also email requests to the email address below and we will follow up with a confirmation email or phone call.  If you are trying to reserve or cancel a reservation and cannot get through on the phone, you can leave a detailed message  including the name, date and time of the reservation you are referring to.   We are sorry for the inconvenience:(

Email us at:          

​All email reservations and correspondence either made or cancelled must be followed up with a phone call or email from Winterhaven Rides.  If you have trouble reaching us by phone, feel free to email your reservation request or cancellation and we will respond with confirmation.  If you do not hear from us, please call or email again.  Our phones and email get very busy this time of year so please be patient.

Mailing address:

​Winterhaven Rides

​895 w. Running Bird Lane

​Benson Arizona  85602

​If you are sending a check for Winterhaven, Please make your check payable to Winterhaven Rides and put your reservation name, date and time of your ride in the memo.  If you add an email contact as well, we will email you to confirm you checks arrival.