​​Winterhaven Festival of Lights

​December 2018 dates to be announced

COST:  $10-$16 PER PERSON for wagon rides...  See our Winterhaven Pricing page for details!

​                              520-825-0208 for Reservations!


What is it?  ​​Tucson's  Winterhaven Festival of Lights is one of the most amazing displays of Christmas Lights in the United States.  This community has been decorating during the Christmas holiday every year since 1949!  This Festival of Lights  has been in the hearts of Tucsonans for the next 67 years and counting!  In 1986 the Winterhaven Festival of Lights joined up with the Tucson Food Bank to further spread the magic of the Season.   This neighborhood is called Winterhaven.... Thus, this Winterhaven Festival of Lights  has been built and  maintained each year by the creative and inspiring efforts of the residents of the Winterhaven Community.  They decorate tirelessly and each year it is better than the last.  These amazing people go as far as building huge displays and paying for all the materials and electric during the event to keep their houses lit.  This incredible effort should not be overlooked and the real heroes of this amazing event are the residents.  Without them, not only this unique and uncommon example of holiday spirit they embody would be lost, so too would be the huge effort the festival brings for the Tucson Food Bank!  So if you meet any of them...  thank them sincerely!  The simple beauty of this event creates the essence of the nostalgic Holiday Season and should remind us all to slow down,  experience the holiday, and try to give back to our community as this community does each year.  The Residents of the Winterhaven Community maintain a certain character they want to continue and that is to provide "a festival presented to the people of Southern Arizona and operated by the volunteer efforts of Winterhaven's residents".    During the many years of the Festival, Winterhaven has become world renown and we meet visitors from all over the globe who are here to see this event exclusively!  Simply put, it is the best example of what we should all strive for!  Our hats off to you... all the residents of Winterhaven! 

How to see it? You can walk for free or you can take a wagon ride through the event  with us.  Our wagons are pulled by propane powered jeeps and cost between $10 to $16 per person for a 40 minute tour of the lights.  Rides depart at 6, 7, 8 and 9 pm every night during the festival.   Finally, you can drive your car through usually one night of the year from 6 to 10pm.

See our Winterhaven Pricing page for details on riding the wagons and reservations!

Winterhaven Rides and Reds Saddle Mules